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I attended a Healing Rooms team meeting a few months ago. I didn’t expect it, but the meeting included some time for the team to pray for healing for people. About four weeks earlier, I had been involved in a skiing accident, and had injured my lumbar spine. Since then, I had had a lot of pain and severely restricted movement. Despite having seen a physiotherapist regularly for those four weeks, the pain and limited movement had not improved, and had even worsened. I asked the team to pray for my back.

At the same time, they asked if there was anything else that I wanted prayer for. I mentioned an angry spirit that had been in my family for a few generations. They prayed for me, and after a few weeks, I was convinced that I had been delivered from that anger! Not long after, my back was amazingly healed. I could move, run, lie down and climb stairs without pain! I was glad, and knew that God is able and willing to heal His children. – SA

I attended the Glen Waverley Healing Rooms training on Friday and Saturday. I had painful corns on my feet. As I was being ministered to by the team, it was amazing! Praise God, that at the end of the prayers, my feet were less painful and the corns had softened.  – Deborah.

I came for Healing Rooms training with excruciating pain in my groin. I did not realise that the training had a practical segment but heard a clear voice from God that healing was to be received this day. When Ross asked whether anyone needed prayer, I knew it was me.

I was prayed over by three trained people in Jesus’ name. The healing was instant. I saw my arm and leg extend and the pain in my groin left instantly. I could turn my leg in a way I had not been able to do for some time.

Praise God for His goodness! – RR.